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Check out these quizzes to test your Bon Jovi knowledge!!

  Play Quiz: Blast from Bon Jovi's Past now!

Wow! You're Tico Torres! You may be the oldest
member of the band, but you're still one sexy
guy! You have diverse interests that range from
painting to designing baby clothes....just
don't forget about the best gig you
have...drumming for Bon Jovi!

Which Bon Jovi Member Are You?
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Who cares? Bon Jovi ROCKS!!!!

Which Bon Jovi song are you?
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You're Bounce!
You're BOUNCE. You're quite energetic, and nothing ever seems to
keep you from getting what you want. Even
though you may over-do it at times.

What Bon Jovi Song Are You?
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Wow! You're Jon Bon Jovi! The sexy front man of the
band....and no wonder you're so good looking--
your mother was a Playboy Bunny.

Wow! You're Richie Sambora! You kinda sold-out when
you married a pretty actress...but we still
love you. To some you're just another guitar
playing guy, but to others you're a god. And
damn! are you ever sexy!

Which Bon Jovi Member Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla